Sunday, November 23, 2014

In the Spotlight

Witness Protection is in the spotlight today on the blog of romance author JM Powers!

She is the amazing author of several books including Jewel of Ramstone, a delightful historical romance I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing last month. Check out her blog at:

JM Powers Romance

Remember, release day for the ebook of Witness Protection is Friday, November 28th-Black Friday! If you waiting for the paperback, January 20th is your day.

My publisher, Breathless Press ( offers something called "flirts"- short stories that are just long enough to read before bed (Ha! Bedtime Stories!) Last night I was looking for something quick to read so I picked up a copy of Spencer Dryden's "Love Above See Level" about your average, ordinary beach bum who falls in love with a six foot, seven inch tall woman.  have been meaning to read this one for a couple of weeks and I am so glad that I did. As a teenager I was always the tall girl- not THAT tall by any means- but I remember being the only one no one wanted to partner with during the dreaded square dancing unit in gym class so I found the story sort of relatable. I If you want to check it out, click here:   Love Above See Level
The cover art says it is erotica but if you are concerned, don't be. Other very popular books (you know which ones I mean!) are far more explicit than this one.                                                       

All flirts are $.99.

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