Thursday, March 26, 2015

Release Week is Coming!

Sorry for the self imposed blog silence... My boys began their spring baseball season and it has been a tricky balance of day job, writing, baseball and things like cooking dinner and cleaning the house!  I love watching my boys play ball so it is not a complaint by any means. Just an explanation to let you all know where I have been.

The boys play at two different levels. My younger one is new to the concept of what we call "kid pitch" where their peers, who are just learning to control a pitch, throw the ball for them to hit. Prior to this it was a very structured coach pitch game with little chance of injury. He is adjusting but my once hard hitter has had a little trouble connecting with the ball. He feels good about the coaches this year though so I am sure he will do great. The older boy is an old pro at kid pitch. At the ripe old age of twelve, the boys are looking, throwing and hitting more like men than little boys and they play an intensive defense. Action packed for sure! His team had their first preseason scrimmage this past weekend they did extremely well. Ia m looking forward to an exciting season. If you have never caught a little league game, I highly recommend it. The boys work hard and they love an audience. You are guaranteed to have a good time.

All of that being said, as of tomorrow I will be one week away from my new release Undercover In Six Inch Stilettos. It is the first book in an exciting mystery/romance series involving a group of police wives caught up in little secrets that when they are discovered, can jeopardize their marriages and their lives. This book is full of humor and action and even some great music! I hope you will check it out. Next week I will be hosting a series of events and even a giveaway or two in preparation for release day on April 3rd. I hope you will stop on by and join us in the fun here or on Facebook or Twitter. More information to come!

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