Thursday, May 28, 2015

Meet Aunt Clara- Three Days Until Witness Protection is Re-Released!

Logan James was raised by his Aunt Clara after a devastating loss of his own parents as a preteen. His twin cousins Kaiden and Keegan are like brothers to him and despite the trauma of his youth, he was raised well and is very close to his family. When he and Angelina need somewhere safe to lay low while they figure out who is trying to kill her, Logan takes Angelina to his Aunt Clara's place in the mountains. Aunt Clara is a crack shot who says whatever is on her mind and always calls it like she sees it...

"This place belongs to your aunt?" Angelina said in disbelief.

"Sure does. After my uncle died, she inherited a tidy sum of family money that she held onto. Once the three of us boys were out of school and out on our own, she moved to this mountain. You are now looking at a large chunk of that inheritance."

 Angelina opened the door of the Jeep and gingerly stepped down from the cab. Logan made a note to find her some shoes as soon as they were settled. Aunt Clara had to have something she could use.

Suddenly the door to the cabin flew open. A little woman with a very big rifle jumped through the door yelling at the top of her lungs. "Get down on the ground! I ain't afraid to use this thing! Get down!"

The woman waved the gun wildly in the air. Angelina dropped to her knees even as Logan took a step forward, laughing.

 "Aunt Clara! It's me, Logan!"

The little woman stopped yelling the instant she heard Logan's voice. With a hand held above her eyes to block out what little sun made its way through the trees, she called out, "Logan? What are you doing here?"

"Where are your glasses, Aunt Clara?" He was still laughing as he crossed the clearing between them and grabbed his slight-figured aunt up in a bear hug.

"Well, you know I got no patience for those things, boy. They just keep sliding down off my nose."

 Logan laughed again. His aunt was his favorite person in the world. After the death of his mother, she was the only adult left in his life he felt that he could trust. He still felt that way.

"If you had them on you might not have come so close to shooting us!" He gestured to Angelina who was pulling herself up off the ground, disdain clouding her features. Logan frowned. The last twenty-four hours had been more of a trial for her than any one human being should have to go through. It was time to get her settled and figure out a way to get her out of this mess without endangering her life any further.

 Walking back to where Angelina leaned against the Jeep watching them warily, Logan took her hand and gently led her to the cabin steps where his aunt stood squinting at them.

 "Angelina Ferrara, meet my aunt, Clara James"

 "Nice to meet you, Ms. James." Angelina reached out to shake the older woman's hand, but Clara grabbed her up in the same sort of bear hug he'd greeted his aunt with. Logan watched with amusement.

"Oh, posh! Call me Clara, will you! No formalities around this here place." She gestured toward the cabin behind her. "Come, let's get you inside, dear. Whatever happened to your shoes?" Clara gave her the once over from head to toe. "Hmmm...I may not have my glasses on, Logan, but isn't that the shirt I gave you for your birthday? I definitely think we all need to sit down with some hot breakfast and have a long talk."
Aunt Clara had always been insightful. Of course, him showing up with a woman she knew nothing 

of wearing his clothes and shoeless probably would have set off warning bells in anyone's head, no 

matter how clear their vision.

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