Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Vacation Is Over

After a couple of weeks of downtime, the last few days have been pretty busy and exciting! In July I released my new novella Tormented on Amazon. Check out the beautiful cover a very talented cover artist created for me:

Yesterday Tormented, a romantic suspense with military man and businesswoman turned cowgirl, was listed as the Impulse Buy of the week by author Liana Brooks.  Check it out here and say "Hi" to Liana while you are there. She is a fantastic writer.

Liana Brooks

Now for the really big news. As some of you may know, the publisher for my romantic mystery Undercover in Six Inch Stilettos closed its doors May 1st. Since then Undercover  and the rest of the Secret Lives series has been in a bit of a limbo. Last month I pitched the second book in the series to several publishers during a Twitter pitch event. (Very cool! I had to convince people to read my book in a 140 character Tweet.) I had some interest, which in itself was really exciting but one publisher not only asked to read that book but also Undercover. A couple of days later they offered me a contract on the entire series! As of this morning, I signed said contract and now have a home for my series. I'll keep you posted as I have more to report.

With just a month left before I go back to work for my 15th year in teaching, I have a great deal of work to get done on the writing front. I'm twenty thousand words into my new work in progress and believe it or not, it's not a mystery. More on that later as well.

Finally, if you are looking for a little something to steam up the dog days of summer check out this new adult novel by Allie Kincheloe:

Click here to check it out

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