Tuesday, September 1, 2015


This is it, the official release day of Homeland Security! As promised, here is the third and final excerpt...

Clara peered out the door, squinting at him. "That you, Kaiden?" she called out.
"It's me, Ma! You got your glasses on?"
"You know I hate those things, boy. Besides, don't need glasses to see that monstrosity of a vehicle of yours. Didn't know I raised a boy with such self-confidence issues."
"Come on, Ma, you know I just like big trucks."
"You know what they say about a man with a big truck… he's compensating for other smaller things."
Clara opened the door and stepped through, toting her favorite shot gun over her shoulder. "Come here, boy, and give your mother a hug."
With a glance at Katie, Kaiden jogged over to his mother and grabbed her up in a bear hug, spinning her around before setting her back on the ground. Clara giggled like a little girl. "Just like your daddy, you really know how to sweep a girl off her feet!"
"Only you, Ma. I don't seem to have that touch with the rest of the ladies."
Clara looked past him at where Katie still stood. "Well, now, look what the cat dragged in. I can't believe Kaiden found you again. I was pretty certain he was going to be pining after you for a lifetime. Dumb fool left the hospital without even getting your number!"
"What? I'm an old lady. We say what's on our mind in case we lose our mind before we get another chance."
Katie's face reddened as she offered her hand to Clara. Clara chuckled but ignored the other woman's outstretched hand, instead grabbing her up in a hug. "No one's a stranger round here."

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