Wednesday, October 28, 2015

#WIPWeds and Other Fun Stuff

Work In Progress Wednesday...

   From here on out, every Wednesday I will be posting little snippets from whatever project I happen to be working on. This week's snippet comes from the book In The Shadow of The Shield, book two in my Secret Lives series (projected release date is December 15, 2015) Book one, Undercover in Six Inch Stilettos will be available again on November 10th.

So, here it is! #WIPWeds

“Do you know there are twelve pairs of red handcuffs hanging in the tree in your yard?”

“You actually took the time to count them, Mabel?”

“Well, yes. It's not every day one sees a crepe myrtle full of handcuffs.” Mabel Guthrie eyed Diana up and down. “Just what have you and your husband been up to?”

Diana turned and called out to her husband. “Hey, Donnie! Mrs. Guthrie wants to know why we have a dozen pairs of handcuffs in the tree out front!”

“And why are they red?” Mabel yelled through the doorway.

Donnie appeared in the door with a huge grin on his face. “You know that's all the rage now, right?”

“What? Cops having tree cuffs instead of garden gnomes?” Mabel snapped.

Instead of answering the other woman, Donnie turned to her and winked. “Come on, hot stuff, I've got an hour before my shift. Why don't we grab a pair of those things and put them to use?”

“What?” Mabel's face turned the color of the hot pink shirt she was wearing. “Well, I never!”

Donnie stepped past her and the neighbor and headed toward the tree. Diana watched as Mabel watched Donnie walk around the tree inspecting each pair of freshly painted handcuffs as though he were trying to pick the perfect one.

“What is he doing now?” Mabel demanded, her arms folded across her chest.

“Every pair has a specific—use— shall we say. The one he picks is important.”

“Oh, good lord! What is wrong with you people?” Mabel glared at her but made no move to leave. Obviously the old woman was intrigued. Diana wondered how long it had been since Mrs. Guthrie took a tumble through the sheets. The images that filled her mind brought on a smile.

“What are you smiling at?” Mrs. Guthrie snapped. “You're the one married to a deviant!”

The other change I plan to make is a big one. Starting in November, every Monday I am going to post a new chapter of currently unpublished novel. Be sure to stop by on Monday to catch the first installment!

I'll still be sharing new releases and on many Fridays you will find a Feature Friday post that aims to introduce you to some amazing new books.

Please feel free to share the links to the #WIPWeds snippets and Monday #FreeReads and enjoy!

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