Sunday, June 14, 2015

New Release- Free Pass by Allie Kincheloe

A great New Adult novel by author Allie Kincheloe is about to hit Amazon. Available tomorrow for Kindle and free with Kindle unlimited is the first book in the Free Will series, Free Pass.

Two weeks to level the playing field... Or change my life entirely?
I spent three years with Josh. Three boring, but comfortable years wasted with a guy who couldn’t keep his dick in his pants over spring break. As I open my mouth to kick him to the curb, Josh begs for another chance and suggests a two week fling of my own.

Say what?
I’m speechless at the thought, but the fantasies of his hot friends creep in... When I stumble into the path of a guy most definitely not on my list of possibles, I know who I want to use my free pass with. But Josh screams that his brother is off limits...

Off limits? Too bad I can't seem to keep my hands off him.

Jake’s a mystery I never expected. The more I get to know him, the more I want him—both in and out of the bedroom. Jake makes me feel wanted with only a glance and sparks fly with our every touch. When the two weeks is up, will I even want Josh back? Or will Jake’s loving attention ruin me for all other men?

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Sounds good, doesn't it? How about a little teaser...

Seeing Laney in Dad's study with tears in her eyes about did me in. How the hell was I supposed to walk away from that? Away from her? Still, I doubted she'd accept any comfort from me. I'm sure Austin was the cause of her tears. He didn't deserve her.

But I do.

I leaned my forehead against the door and blew out a deep breath. I couldn't think like that. I had to go tell my brother that she was looking for him.

Walking through the house, I dodged my dad and grandparents to slip out the back door. Yup, my idiot brother was exactly where I'd seen him last. Over in the corner slow dancing with some redhead. She had her hands tucked in his back pockets and his hands were tangled in her hair.

Fucking hell.

Austin had a beautiful girl in the study crying over his stupid ass—a girl I'd kill for a chance with—and he was out here snuggled up to one of Dad's associate's slutty daughters.

I ought to shake the shit out of him. But I restrained myself to just squeezing his shoulder. Hard. "Laney's looking for you."

Austin pulled the girl closer and nuzzled his nose against her cheek and smirked at me. "Can't you see I'm busy?"

"I can see you being a damn idiot. That girl in there loves you. Your girlfriend loves you. What the hell is wrong with you?" The urge to put my fist through his teeth rose up within me.

Did he not realize what he could be throwing away just for a piece of ass?

I tugged him away from the redhead and shoved him back. "Go in there and talk to Laney. She's in the study."

"Chill out. I'll go talk to her. Geez." Austin backed away and threw his hands up in surrender.

I closed my eyes and tried to calm myself down. Last thing I needed was to get into another brawl with Austin. Mom would fucking kill me if I ruined her anniversary party by blacking my brother's eye.

When I opened my eyes, Austin whispered something to the redhead and turned away. I grabbed a beer and followed him as he stomped through the house. When he slammed the door to the study behind him, I hovered close. Raised voices carried through the closed door, but not enough that I could make out their words. Damn it.


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