Thursday, July 9, 2015

On Vacations and New Releases

I hope you are enjoying the pleasures of summer as much as I am. We have just return from our annual pilgrimage north of the Mason-Dixon line. Let me tell you- when you leave ten days straight of near 100 degree temperatures and arrive in 65 degrees and rainy it is quite the shock to the system. I actually had to go and buy some pants and sweatshirts for the kids while we were away.

It was a great trip though, spending time with long distance family, visiting all of our favorite places and sneaking off to indulge in some farm fresh ice cream.

While we were away, my very first serial novel, Tormented was released. Former special forces turned rancher Ben Callahan finally meets a woman that helps him put his demons to rest.  Meet Ben and Layla on Amazon today. (Free with Kindle Unlimited) Their story won't disappoint- there is mystery, action, humor and of course, romance!

Tormented Part 1  
Tormented Part 2
Tormented Part 3

Check out the gorgeous covers...

As long as I am showing off covers, one of my older works recently received a facelift and I really love it. If you enjoy a good crime story (no romance in this one!) then you might enjoy this bank heist crime story.  Also found on Amazon and free with KU
One last thing... for those of you that read and enjoyed Witness Protection...the sequel, Homeland Security, is set to be released at the beginning of August! More to come on that. Have a great day!

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