Wednesday, November 18, 2015


This week's excerpt is from In the Shadow of the Shield, book 2 in the Secret Lives series. It is the sequel to Undercover in Six Inch Stilettos and will be available on December 15th. Enjoy!

“Carter,” she whispered into the mic, but got no response. Gooseflesh broke out on her arms as the tiny hairs at the base of her neck bristled. Something wasn’t right.
A quiet rustle in the branches caught her attention. “Carter!” she whispered. “Is that you?”

“Nope,” a voice answered as a hand clasped over her mouth, and an iron grip wrapped around her.
How had she let this happen twice? That Louie was going to get it when she got free this time.

“Listen closely.” Hot, nasty breath on her ear made her cringe. “Your little boyfriend won’t hear you, so don’t bother trying to scream. If you call attention to the neighbors, I will shoot you where you stand, and your son becomes an orphan. Do you understand?”

She nodded as the hand was replaced by a piece of duct tape. Her captor pinned her arms behind her, and secured them with a pair of handcuffs. Diana tried to turn around, but he shoved her forward. “Don’t look at me, just walk!”

With no other choice but to do as she was told, Diana started walking, hoping against hope Carter would appear and rescue her. The man she suspected was Wilkins pushed her through the hedges and into the garage, where the drugs had been.

“Where did you find her?” Captain Roman demanded.

“In the bushes outside. You know who this is?”

“Nope. But whoever it is, they’d better be someone worth adding kidnapping to our list.”

“This is Donnie Massey’s wife.”

“No shit.” The captain looked at her in disbelief.

“Yup. She was spyin’ on us. I found her on the way back from takin’ my piss.”

“What are we supposed to do with her?” Schmidt demanded, coming out of the back of the truck. “I sure ain’t no kidnapper.”

“I guess take her with us, and figure it out later. I couldn’t leave her out there. She seen and heard everything.”

“Put her in the truck,” the captain commanded.

Wilkins gabbed her wrists, and shoved her toward the truck. When they reached the deck, he said, “Get in.”

He wanted her to get into the box of the truck. Diana was terrified of small spaces. There was no way she was going to get in there. Shaking her head almost violently, Diana backed away from the truck.

“You get in there, or I will pick you up and throw you in.” Wilkins’ eyes were wild as he stepped toward her.

“No!” She tried to scream through the duct tape. “No!”

Wilkins lunged toward her, but Diana sidestepped him, and he ran into the side of the truck. The sound of his head smacking the steel frame echoed through the garage. Captain Roman ran at her, but she stuck a foot out and tripped him. Then she ran for all she was worth. There was no way she was getting in that truck. Not without a fight.
“Grab her!”
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