Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Happy Hump Day!   Here's a little excerpt from When First They Practice to Deceive... Jessy is realizing her life is not exactly as she thought it was...

The front door opened and closed with a quiet click. Jessy was still sitting in the same chair in the kitchen she had claimed hours earlier. The piece of paper listing her failures as a wife still sat in front of her when Sam stepped into the kitchen looking lost and guilt ridden.
“Hey, Jess.”
She couldn’t bring herself to look up so she just nodded. Sam pulled out a chair and dropped down into it. Still, she didn’t look at him. Sam reached out and slid the paper over toward him. He read it silently.
“I’m so sorry, Jessy.”
“You’ve been saying that a lot.”
“I know.” Sam leaned his head on his hands with a heavy sigh.
“There’s another woman, isn’t there?”
“What? No.” Total bull. The answer came too quickly, too vehemently.
“So, you have not had an affair with anyone? Not even a particularly cute trainee you worked with several months ago?”
The room fell into a silence that spoke louder than any words Sam could have uttered. Tears dampened her husband’s lashes as the color drained from his face. “Jess—“
She held up a hand. “No. Don’t answer that. If I hear you say it, it will be real and I don’t want any of this to be real.”
“I’m so sorry.”
“Stop saying that!” She slapped her palm against the table top.
“I don’t know what else to say!” He jumped up from his seat, knocking the chair over in the process.
“How about I love you, Jessy. Or, I would never hurt you like that, Jessy. Even better would be I didn’t break our marriage vows for sex.
Sam rubbed his temples slowly. “I do love you.”
“But you can’t say the rest of it, can you? Can you?” This time she slammed both palms against the table as angry tears began to flow steadily.
“I told you I wasn’t happy.” The words came out in a pained whisper.

When First They Practice to Deceive is the third book in the Secret Lives series. Book two, In the Shadow of the Shield is making its debut on Tuesday December 15th from Limitless Publishing. It is currently available on Amazon for preorder. Click below to reserve a copy...

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Meet Diana Massey and Carter Ryan....

When a police officer falls, justice must be served.

Donnie Massey was an honest, skilled police officer. That’s probably what got him killed. When his wife Diana watches him die in front of her, the worst part is going to be telling their son, Jackson.

After a year of mourning, Diana decides it’s time to move on with their lives. The first step to getting closure is to visit Donnie’s grave. But when she gets there, she’s not alone...

Good cops are rare. Carter Ryan is one of them.

Mentored by Donnie, Carter is at the grave when his widow shows up. It may not be the best timing, but he needs her help. Carter admits the fallen shield may not have died in the line of duty, but was likely murdered while involved in a secret investigation with deep criminal ties. Diana agrees to aid in unveiling the truth. Donnie deserves that much.

The definition of insanity...

As the two work side by side, a new and delicate romance begins to bloom. But would falling for another cop be the worst mistake of Diana’s life, or the best decision she’s ever made? When the investigation leads them to an underground meth ring, their mission goes from risky to down right perilous.

After a brush with death hits too close to home, will Diana risk loving another cop? Or will their chance at happiness be forever buried in the shadow of the shield?

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