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#WIPWeds and a Little Something Extra

What I'm currently working on has no title as of yet but is coming along nicely. It is going to be a part of a new series I'm putting together and I'm really excited about.  Today... meet Landon Reed...spoiled rich kid turned lazy adult who has experienced a rude awakening...

Walter walked into the room and pulled up a chair so that he sat in front of me. I studied a knot in the wood floor like it had all that answers in my life. Anything so I could avoid the man studying me so intently.
“When are you going to get past this, Landon?”
“Past what? Being useless? Crippled?”
“Life is what we make of it, son. And right now, you are doing a good job of mucking yours up pretty badly. You lash out at everyone that tries to care for you, I haven’t seen a single visitor here since you got here and you barely leave this room.”
“You don’t get it do you, Walter?”
“Get what?”
“The old Landon is gone. All that’s left is—is this.” I waved at my useless self.
“Maybe it’s not so bad that the old Landon is gone. Maybe it’s time for a new and improved version.”
“So, what? You hated me before?”
Walter leaned back against the chair and crossed one leg over the other. “No, not at all. But you are capable of so much more than what you were doing.”
“And I can do so much now.”
“Well, now, that is up to you, isn’t it?”
Walter held up a hand to stop me. “Hear me out, son. You’ve been dealt a lousy hand. The last year has been difficult. I won’t lie, Amelia and I were terrified you wouldn’t pull through. But you did and there has to be a good reason for it.”
“I wish I could see things the way you do, Walter, but I don’t. All I am now is a useless burden to everyone. To you. To Amelia. Fuck. Even my own father handed me off to a complete stranger.”
That’s what hurt the most. In the eleven and a half months since the accident, my father had only found time to visit me three times.
“He didn’t hand you off. He is trying to help in the only way he knows how and I think Evie was an excellent choice.”
“Excellent for what? All she does is scowl at me and act like a bitch.”
Walter laughed. “Have you paid attention to the way you talk to everyone? When was the last time you smiled at anyone?”
He had a point. I hadn’t made a habit of being likable lately.
“I’m sorry. I know I’ve been a real pain in the ass since I got here. It’s just—I don’t know.” I dropped my head into my hands and closed my eyes.
“We love you, Landon and we want to help you get through this. But you have to let us.”
“I went to physical therapy like you wanted.”
“Yes. And we’re proud of you but that was just the beginning of a very long, very difficult road to recovery. We’re here to help you. Evie is here to help you.”
“I don’t like her.”
“Quite the contrary, son. I think you like her a lot.”
“I thought home nurses were old and fat and ugly.” I lifted my head and looked at Walter who was grinning.
“You don’t like Evie because she isn’t fat or ugly?”

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Undercover in Six Inch Stilettos is FREE for a limited time!

I am excited to share that my amazing publisher, Limitless Publishing is offering Undercover in Six Inch Stilettos in ebook free for a limited time this week!

If you haven't read it yet, you can get your copy here:  Undercover in Six Inch Stilettos

This is the first book in the Secret Lives series. While the entire series is based on the same group of women, each book is completely unique.

Book 2 is called In the Shadow of the Shield and is available on Amazon here.

Book 3, When First They Practice to Deceive is due to be released on May 3rd.

Happy Reading!

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#NewYearHop Win Prizes! Discover New Authors!


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Next stop on the tour is here:Author Lilly James!

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New Release- Review of Everything To Lose by JP Ratto

Title: Everything To Lose
Series: A Lucas Holt Novel
Author: JP Ratto
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Release Date: December 29, 2015
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Lucas Holt specializes in kidnap recovery. Ex-Delta Force and a former NYPD detective, he has spent the last fifteen years burying himself in case files to cope with the unsolved abduction of his daughter, Marnie.
After the death of Janet’s husband and son in a tragic car accident, she hopes Holt’s expertise can locate the daughter she gave up for adoption seventeen years ago. Janet knows her actions will have explosive repercussions for the girl’s father— presidential candidate, Todd Grayson. With no family, hope of finding her only daughter is all she has left. Or is there a more sinister motive?
On a mission to bury the constant reminder of his failure to recover Marnie, Holt agrees to Janet’s proposal. But at what cost? When his inquiries lead to news of the death of another woman, Holt can’t shake the feeling something is off about the whole case. And when new evidence surfaces about Marnie’s disappearance, finding her and finding Janet’s daughter become the same treacherous mission.
Crooked candidates, hired mercenaries, and his own life on the line—will Holt find it inside him to risk everything in the line of duty?
"I enjoy reading new writers, especially when the writing, plot and dialogue flow seamlessly. JP Ratto’s debut thriller meets those elements and will thrill its readers. It is a fast-paced, page turner with real characters and lush, visual description that enhances every scene. I look forward to the next JP Ratto thriller."~ Amazon Reviewer
Chapter 1
The woman in the sunburst yellow dress settled behind a small boy who stood between his parents in the front row. In her carefully chosen spot, she would have no problem seeing the senator. More important, he would be able to see her.
Following the presidential candidate’s schedule occupied most of her time. She knew him, and his routines. He was a clever politician, a clever man. At one time, she admired that about him. In spite of his womanizing history, she’d held him in high esteem. She hadn’t cared about the rumors of his less-than-ethical political acumen. He was bright and confident. Like her, he knew what he wanted and achieved it. The one thing he lacked was loyalty. That was his one unforgivable flaw.
A momentary stab of rejection cut through her as crushing memories of betrayal clamored to the forefront of her mind. Another staunch memory held them at bay, protecting her as always from thoughts that could leave her filled with rage or shattered from distress. I did what I had to. He gave me no choice.
Rows of supporters without access to the ticket-only event stood shoulder to shoulder, necks stretched and ready for a coveted glimpse of the man who could be the next president of the United States. Young and old mingled together, most dressed in patriotic colors and wearing Grayson for President buttons. Tabloid reporters and photographers took strategic positions at the iron-gated entrance to the prestigious institution.
The mainstream press had already set up their sound and video equipment on Columbia University’s south lawn. Amsterdam Avenue was closed for two blocks north and south of 116th street. With the absence of thru traffic, the cacophony of city activity hummed in the distance. Escalating murmurs obscured the honking horns, worn, grinding transmissions, and truck trailers loaded with goods booming as they slammed into the streets’ deep potholes. Area residents, intent on going elsewhere, glanced at the restless group and at the clouded sky. Briefcases and umbrellas in hand, they hurried to subway stations or Columbus Ave to hail a cab.
She’d been waiting for the event to begin since spectators and press had started to arrive. Turning toward the reporters at the campus entrance, she caught a brief glance from one of them. She almost shook her head in reproof when he gave her a slight nod. Instead, she ignored his acknowledgement and vowed not to look his way again.
She checked her phone for the time. It was still early, but she could be patient. Another half hour was nothing compared to the years she’d waited for what she deserved or rather, what he deserved.
As if on cue, stubborn puffs overhead gave way to a glorious blue sky on the warm August afternoon. Mounting shouts and whistles alerted all to the arrival of a line of black vehicles crawling at the curb north of the entrance. Men and women clothed in dark suits, more apt for a funeral than a summer outdoor event, exited onto the street. With serious faces, they scrambled to organize their positions before the guest of honor emerged. By all the staff and security Senator Grayson utilized, one would think he’d already won the election. Some criticized his self-importance. Those who knew him well commended his prudence.
All who gathered cheered as presidential candidate Senator Todd Grayson exited one of the limousines. Skilled at working a crowd to his full advantage, Grayson took his time. Straightening to his full height, he smoothed the jacket of his lightweight, ivory linen suit. He looked like a white knight among his entourage of black-clad minions. He faced the street audience, threw up his hands, and waved.
A mass of hand-held banners and American flags flapped like a flock of gulls vying for a prized clam. Classically tall, dark, and handsome, he had as many men fawning over him as he had women. Not since JFK had a presidential candidate charmed a constituency as Grayson had.
Grayson’s staff paved the way for him to enter the campus, shielding him from direct contact with those crammed behind the barricades. In a move that was either spontaneous or a well-contrived plan, the senator turned and walked in the opposite direction and began to shake peoples’ hands. The crowd went wild with whoops and shouts for attention. Surrounded by his campaign staff, his personal counsel Douglas Cain, and his bodyguards, he navigated among potential voters like a rock star.
Grayson stretched over the wooden barriers grasping as many hands as he could. Men removed their caps in respect, nodded, and returned strong, steady shakes. Women squealed and clapped, some patting their beating hearts as if they might swoon. His broad smile bared perfect white teeth that contrasted with his golden skin. Grayson’s careful choice of attire, including the pale blue shirt and tie, conveyed the tranquility of sand and sea. You could hear sighs of contentment at Grayson’s touch.
As president, Todd Grayson would take care of you.
He moved to the end of the narrow walk and back again toward the campus, scanning the adoring crowd. Grayson slowed when he noticed a woman who appeared oblivious to the lively throng surrounding her. She stood still but for a subtle bob and sway, like a buoy when bumped by gentle ocean swells. Tall, with shoulder-length blonde hair, her bright yellow, sleeveless dress set her apart from all the red, white, and blue. Her white designer handbag hung on her shoulder and she clasped her hands low in front of her. Grayson watched her lift her hand to adjust her dark sunglasses. Sharp and adept at reading people, her stance unnerved him. He couldn’t see her eyes, but he sensed her stare. He would have thought she was blind except her head turned to follow his movement.
Douglas Cain nudged the senator’s arm, breaking the connection with the woman. “We need to move along, Senator, if we want to keep to the schedule.”
“I know, Douglas, but this is as important as a stump speech,” Grayson said, his practiced smile never leaving his face.
Cain had been with Todd Grayson from the start of the senator’s venture into politics. With Grayson’s reputation and past, his lawyer’s presence at all functions was paramount. About to enter the campus, where another group awaited the senator’s appearance, one of the tabloid reporters caught Grayson’s attention.
“Senator, you look well rested from your vacation in the Hamptons. What is your response to some of the negative pushback by your opponent regarding your position on defense spending?”
Grayson glanced at the reporter’s nametag. “Tom, it’s not my policy to waste time on the defensive—at least not until the debates. I’ll continue to do what I’ve always done, and that’s to present my ideas directly to the people. It’s the folks’ opinions that count.”
Those standing nearby nodded and applauded their approval. Before Grayson could turn away, the reporter asked another question. “Senator, is it true that you were involved with call girl Sheila Rand and a prime suspect in her murder?”
Grayson did not move. The rapid blinking of his eyes as he processed the question was the only indication he had not turned to stone. Sheila Rand.
He had not thought of the woman for sixteen years. It was true they’d had a brief affair, but he’d had an alibi for when she was murdered. Cain had taken care of it. He’d taken care of that and another matter.
A moment of recognition flashed through the senator’s mind. He whipped his head toward the woman in the yellow dress. A stream of perspiration dripped down his face as he desperately searched the crowd. Where is she? Was it her?
“Senator?” the reporter prompted Grayson.
Grayson eyed the reporter. Cain moved in to stand between them, but Grayson refused to be intimidated. He grinned.
“Tom, you need to check your facts before you ask questions that make you look foolish. I have nothing to hide. Sorry but, I’m on a tight schedule,” he said and allowed Cain to guide him away.
A grin still pasted to his face, Grayson’s thoughts swam with dredged-up memories of the past. His chest filled with anxiety. He couldn’t breathe. Grayson was drowning in thoughts of all that could go wrong. He looked at Cain, his protector—his life preserver. He exhaled a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding. The lawyer would deal with any fallout. That was his job.
Grayson shook off his concern and strode through the university’s gate to where he would give a rousing speech. Excited college students and faculty packed the stands. They applauded as he stepped to the podium. Another stage. Another performance. Everyone quieted and Grayson began the prepared rhetoric he knew would raise spirits and hopes. That was his job.
As his popularity tide rose, Senator Todd Grayson glided into the hearts and minds of those who would elect him to the most powerful position in the world. It would be smooth sailing, unless the long-ago matter of a murdered call girl surfaced and dragged his political career into a maelstrom of disaster.
JP Ratto is a husband and wife collaborative writing team. EVERYTHING TO LOSE is the first of a three-book series featuring private investigator Lucas Holt. Judy began writing full time six years ago. She attended Hofstra University’s Writing Intensive in the summer of 2010, and participated in a Hofstra-sponsored writing and critique group from 2009 to 2012. She has written an upper middle-grade fantasy adventure and a children’s mystery chapter book. Judy also does free-lance editing. Pete Ratto, a former member of the U.S. Navy serving half his enlistment with the U.S. Marine Corp, is a retired corporate accountant and is now writing full time.   Both are avid readers of mysteries, thrillers and suspense. Active in a critique group made up of local authors, they enjoy discussions on all aspects of the craft of writing. Pete enjoys photography, writing and going to the beach. In her spare time, Judy paints watercolors and to her husband’s delight, cooks an occasional dinner. They have a son and a daughter, both grown and living in New York. Pete and Judy live in southern Florida with their cat, Gillian.

Blogger Review
Former New York City cop Lucas Holt spent fifteen years haunted by the disappearance of his sixth month old daughter. As one who hunted killers and kidnappers it all but destroyed him that he couldn't do anything to find his own daughter. When a woman who knows way more than she should about his past asks him to help her protect a part of hers, he is forced to revisit the worst part of his life to help her.
Everything to Lose is a total seat of the pants novel. As a writer of cop stories myself, I am naturally drawn to the sort of character JP Ratto has created in Lucas Holt. The authors do an excellent job of weaving a dark tale that keeps the reader up way past their bedtime in anticipation of what will happen next.


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Happy New Year! I hope the transition back to work went smoothly for all of you. I'm starting off 2016 with a brand new work in progress. A standalone novel, not yet named. I'm all ready in love with the main characters at barely 25K words into it. Meet Evie and Landon...

“Who the hell are you?” Way to be charming, Landon.
She looked over at me, boredom in her expression, before returning her attention to the television. “The nurse your father hired. Who the hell do you think I am?”
“I don’t need a nurse.”
“I agree. You need a nanny.” She flipped the channel to a news program and grimaced.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” I turned so I could swing my legs over the side of the bed, the brace making my movements jerky not angry and pronounced like I’d intended.
“It means, you can’t even dress yourself so how can anyone expect you to do anything.”
I dropped my gaze down and with a curse, grabbed the sheet and pulled it across my lap. I’d totally forgotten about falling in bed naked the night before. Unfortunately, other parts of me were not only aware that they were unclothed but they were announcing themselves quite loudly.
“Yeah, sorry about that.”
“Whatever. I’m a nurse. I’ve seen worse. Of course, I’ve seen better too. Much better.” She clicked to another station. I could have sworn I saw her lip twitch as I growled over her insult.
“Just get out. I don’t need you. Tell my father to go to hell.”
She tossed the remote control on the coffee table and checked her watch. “You have ten minutes to get ready for physical therapy or I’m taking you the way you are.”
I crossed my arms over my bare chest. “I’m not going.”
“You are going so get dressed.” She stood and looked him over. “You’re down to eight minutes.”
“And just how do you expect me to get down all of those stairs?”
“The same way you got up them. Walter showed me the elevator.”
Damn it. I was hoping she hadn’t found that yet. I waved a hand in the air. “Whatever. Are you going to watch?”
“Watch what?” She dropped her gaze to my lap and gave me a little smile that was more taunting than friendly.
This woman was absolutely infuriating. “Fine. Suit yourself.” I whipped the sheet back and reached for my wheelchair. Instead of turning away, she stayed right where she was with that little smile dancing around on her lips. With about as much grace as a bull in a china shop, I managed to get from the bed to the chair while she just stood there and watched.
“I thought you were supposed to be here to help me.”
“You didn’t say you needed my assistance.”
“Really? I had to ask? Isn’t that what you are here for?”
“Let’s get something straight, Mr. Reed.” She put her hands on her hips and glared at me. “I’m a trauma trained RN. I am not your maid or your gopher or any other thing. It is my job to get you back on your feet both literally and figuratively. I’ll handle your medical care and your personal care as needed but I am not at your beck and call.”
“Just get out of my way so I can get dressed.” I pushed past her to the large walk-in closet and started grabbing clothes. Dragging a pair of sweats, some boxer briefs and a t-shirt into the bathroom, I struggled my way into them. The doctors had promised me that things would get easier but the pain was still excruciating and my knee just refused to bend like it used to without bringing tears to my eyes and a sheen of sweat to my entire body.
When I was done, I ran a comb through my wild hair and grimaced. Probably time to think about an actual haircut.
“Come on, we’re going to be late!” The nurse called.
“I’m coming already!” I whipped open the bathroom door and scowled at her. “You never told me your name.”
She shrugged. “You never asked.”
She was fucking infuriating—despite the way her long brown hair tumbled in waves over her shoulder from the pony tail it was secured in.
“Fine. What is your name?”
“What’s your real name?”
“That is my real name.” She stepped behind me and turned the wheel chair toward the door. She stopped and grabbed his tennis shoes from the floor, placing them in his lap.
“I meant, is Evie short for something?”
“Yes.” She pushed his chair down the hall toward the door at the end and pushed the button for the small service elevator—the number one reason I had chosen the beach house as my home base after the accident.
“Are you going to tell me what it is?” The elevator opened and Evie pushed me inside.
“Why not?”
“It’s none of your business. You can call me Evie or nurse. That’s all you need to know about me.”
“Anyone ever tell you that you can be a real bitch?”
“Honey, I grew up in New York. They teach a class on that in high school.”
They reached the first floor and the door opened. Evie pushed me out of the elevator and down the ramp Walter had constructed to get me in and out of the house.
“I’m going out on a limb here but I bet you aced that class.”
“You’re smarter than you look, Mr. Reed.”

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Feature Friday

✤✤  The Seeker Series by Amy Reece ✤✤ 
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

SEEKER, The Seeker #1
Ally Moran has always just known about things—things she shouldn’t really be able to know… 

Suddenly when she starts having vivid visions about a former friend who is in desperate trouble, the adults in her life think she might hold the key to an ancient mystery. 

Jack Ruiz has a troubled past, but is trying to make a fresh start at a new high school… 

He just wants to keep his head down and graduate, hopefully before he turns 20. The last thing he needs is to get involved with a feisty redhead and her psychic visions. 

While Jack valiantly attempts to keep Ally at arm’s length, she is equally determined to be a part of his life. Who will win this battle of wills? 

More importantly… 

Can this unlikely couple work together to find answers to Ally’s visions before someone gets killed?


DREAMER, The Seeker #2
Meet Ally Moran, a 17 year-old who also happens to be psychic. Oh, and she’s getting more psychic with every passing day, so much so that she’s been sent to Ireland to check in with the Seer Council to see what’s up with her freaky new powers. 

Jack Ruiz is her 19 year-old boyfriend, a former troublemaker who’s back on track and trying desperately to graduate. His plans did not include falling in love with a psychic trouble-magnet. 

Last month they worked together to save a friend in deep trouble and ended up solving a school-wide mystery. But now there’s a new guy at school, Remy Giles, and he seems just a little bit too interested in Ally for Jack’s liking. And why does Ally keep dreaming about a kidnapping? Last month seems like a cakewalk compared to this semester… 

Ally's trying to solve a mystery, but Jack is just trying to keep her alive.


SEER, The Seeker #3
Ally Moran and Jack Ruiz are starting their first year in college and are looking for peace and quiet for the first time in their relationship… 

However, it may be too much to hope for. 

First, Ally’s long-lost father shows up, making her question everything she thought she knew about her past. 

Meanwhile, Rémy Giles and the mysterious Mina have accompanied Ally home from France so they can try to figure out what the newest prophecy could possibly mean. 

Is Ally the next Oracle? 

And if all this weren’t enough, Ally fears she is being stalked, and she appears to have a secret admirer who is sending her creepy personal messages in the college newspaper. However, no one else has seen this “supposed” stalker, so she fears she may be going crazy. 

As Jack and Remy fight to keep Ally safe against the looming danger, 
Ally begins to fear for the one thing she can’t bear to lose…her sanity.



Amy Reece lives in Albuquerque, NM, with her husband and family. She loves to read and travel and has an unhealthy addiction to dogs. She loves wine and friends, in that order. Stay tuned for the rest of The Seeker Series, coming Summer and Fall 2015