Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Curled Up With a Book

It's unusually cold here today in the south. I had an unexpected day off from work as both of my boys are sick. The temperature has consistently dropped and it actually feels like snow in our neck of the woods- not a common occurrence but it does happen.

I used the unexpected day to get caught up on some work related to my upcoming releases and somewhere in the middle of it all, I fell asleep on the sofa. With one sick child curled up in bed playing on his Kindle and another sitting at the table working on an assignment his science teacher emailed to me, the house was quiet and invited a nap.

The cold weather just sucks the life out of me!

At least winter is a great time to get a little reading done. There are so many books being released this month from Breathless Press that I can't help but get excited.

Two books from the same line as mine, the covert line that are being released in print this month have my Witness Protection in good company.

Released last week was Jinn and Toxic by Frannie Armstrong. This is next up on my to be read list.

'Toxic Tango Troop' is an elite team of soldiers tasked with halting the illegal shipment of drugs from Mexico. For a team that doesn't officially exist, someone across the border knows their every move. They were betrayed by one of their own and captured by the very people they were sent to terminate.
Jinn Dennison, and her twin Julie, are a military secret weapon, sharing a unique psychic ability that links them. When Julie disappears, Jinn covertly takes her place in order to find her before time runs out.
At least, that was the plan...Tab 'Toxic' McIntosh has one of his own. His sister was taken by the Iceman, a notorious drug runner, and he wants her back no matter the cost. Using Jinn as bait seems like the only reasonable method to save his sister.
Things don't always go as planned, especially when Jinn and Toxic fall in love. Can they battle against all odds to win the day, or will they die trying?

Order your copy here!

Don't forget to join me for debut author month on Saturday January 17th when I visit Romancing the Genres and discuss why I write romantic mysteries.

Romancing the Genres Blog

They have a great post today about the impact of the Baby Boomer generation on book sales.

Whether you love to read or to write or both, keep warm and be blessed.

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